Vue.js is an open-source model–view–viewmodel front end JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications.

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Use this learning plan to master Vue.js and build highly interactive single-page applications.


  1. Vue.js Fundamentals
    • Understand the core concepts of Vue.js, including directives, data binding, computed properties, and lifecycle hooks.
    • Learn how to create and manage components, handle events, and use slots for flexible component composition.
    • Explore Vue's template syntax, including conditionals, loops, and dynamic class and style bindings.
  2. Vue Router
    • Learn how to implement client-side routing using Vue Router.
    • Understand how to define routes, handle dynamic routes, and utilize route parameters.
    • Explore advanced features such as route navigation guards and lazy loading of routes.
  3. Vuex State Management
    • Gain an understanding of Vuex, the official state management library for Vue.js.
    • Learn how to set up a centralized store, define and manage state, mutations, actions, and getters.
    • Discover advanced Vuex concepts like modules, namespacing, and plugins.
  4. Vue CLI and Project Setup
    • Get acquainted with Vue CLI, a command-line tool for scaffolding Vue.js projects.
    • Learn how to create a new project, manage dependencies, and configure build tools.
    • Explore Vue CLI's project structure, configuration options, and build optimization techniques.

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