Next.js is an open-source web development framework created by the private company Vercel providing React-based web applications with server-side rendering and static website generation.

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Use this learning plan to master Next.js and build server-rendered React applications.


  1. Basic Web Development Knowledge

    • HTML/CSS: Understand the basics of creating and styling web pages.
    • JavaScript (ES6+): Familiarize yourself with modern JavaScript syntax and concepts.
    • Node.js and npm/yarn: Know how to set up a Node.js environment and use package managers like npm or yarn.
  2. Learn React

    • Components and Props: Understand how React components work, how to pass data through props.
    • State and Lifecycle: Learn about component state and lifecycle methods.
    • Handling Events: Know how to handle user events like clicks, form submissions, etc.
    • Conditional Rendering: Understand how to conditionally render components.
    • Lists and Keys: Learn about rendering lists of items in React.
    • Forms: Know how to work with forms in React.
  3. Introduction to Next.js

    • Setup: Learn how to create a new Next.js project.
    • Pages and Routing: Understand how Next.js handles routing and how to create different pages.
    • Linking Between Pages: Learn how to navigate between pages using the Link component.
    • Data Fetching: Explore how to fetch data in Next.js, both on the server and client side.

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