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Our mission

We believe that software engineering is about communication between humans as much as machines. We want to make engineering management and growth transparent, actionable, productive, and fun!

We understand that setting clear goals for your engineers is crucial for personal development, satisfaction and business success, that's why we have developed a goal setting feature tailored specifically for engineers.

The tech world is ever-changing, engineering growth and team scaling is the only way to success. We developed a tool for organizing, manage, and improve the performance of engineers and tech teams.

Frequently Asked Questions
What can Devlighted do? +
We help you Engineering Managers and Tech Leads to transparently manage the growth of engineers and teams remotely.

Create transparent goals and track the progress. Develop career paths. Structure your regular 1:1 check-ins and share the talking points upfront.

You can define your objectives, both short-term and long-term, and create a clear path to accomplish them.

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Pricing? +
You can try 14 days for free!

If you are happy and want to continue, our Starter plan costs 99$
a month.
How many users are included? +
Invite all your team members without extra costs.

You only have to increase your subscription plan if you need more then 5 manager seats.

For 99$/mo 5 manager seats are included
For 299$/mo unlimited manager seats are included
Do you provide support? +
Yes! We provide support to all our customers. Send an email and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

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